We take the guesswork out of fitness.  Not just a random workout, your personal training sessions are part of your individualized program, uniquely designed around you and your goals. We screen all of our clients using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) so we can select exercises that reduce the risk of injury and provide the most efficient path to strength, mobility, and fat loss. This FMS and assessment is part of our GPS session, which is where we sit down and ask you what your goals are, why they're important to you, and how to reach them in the fastest and safest manner possible. In order to know your destination, we must establish your starting point. 


We utilize a semi-private setting (2-4 members per coach). This gives you the customization of a one-on-one training session (you get your own individualized program) with the energy, fun, and support of a group. Your unique program changes every 3-5 weeks as you continue making progress through each phase. This prevents the dreaded fitness "plateau" and keeps your program fresh. This style of training, backed by studies to be more effective than alternate styles,  has gotten our clients better results in less time, and keeps them consistent with their workouts.

We want to redefine your gym experience by putting you in the best position to succeed- and your individualized program will do just that.

Personal Training